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Douglas A-20G Boston


Italeri, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Kit No. 2637
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 94 parts in grey plastic; 9 parts in clear; markings for four aircraft.
Price: USD31.47 from Squadron and available from most hobby retailers
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Good shape; crisply engraved panel lines; nicely detailed; plenty of marking options; very good quality plastic; four sets of markings supplied.
Disadvantages: Overscale tread pattern on main wheels; some fit challenges.
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

Italeri's 1/48 scale A-20G Havoc may be ordered online from Squadron.com



AMT originally released their 1/48 scale A-20G in 1995 as the first in a series of three Havocs. This was a nicely detailed, generally accurate offering, and it was a shame that it disappeared from hobby shop shelves when AMT stopped producing aircraft models some years ago.

Italeri has now re-released this kit.

The outline of Italeri's 1/48 scale A-20G Havoc captures the spirit of the Havoc with its skinny fuselage, bulged in the middle for the Martin turret; the big fin, the rakishly angled horizontal stabilzers; and the near flat dihedral of the graceful wings. Engraved surface detail is very crisp and restrained. There are few sinkmarks or visible ejector pin mark and the undercarriage, engines and cockpit are adequately detailed.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

This model represents the most common variant of the A-20G with the six-gun nose and turret. The earliest production G models had a four-gun nose and no turret.

Options are few, but the canopy may be positioned open (also displaying the life-raft stowage area), alternate nose armament is supplied, the turret rotates and the guns elevate. Other nice touches include moulded brakelines on the main gear legs and detailed gear doors. There's even a partial bomb-bay.

The most noticeable shortcomings of this kit are the main wheels. These feature an overscae fish-scale tread pattern. Although the raised detail in this release seem a little more subdued than the original AMT kit, these items will still best be replaced with either the True Details or MDC resin main wheels.



In addition, there is no detail inside the main gear bays. Some attention to this area will be worthwhile.

The original AMT kit was moulded in a pale coloured, very soft styrene. This material was so soft that it was easily gouged with a hobby knife, and was overly flexible. Italeri's release is moulded in a harder grey plastic - a definite improvement over the earlier Havoc.

Markings are supplied for one USAAF aircraft in Europe, one Pacific theatre USAAF A-20G, one Soviet option and an RAAF Boston Mk.IV.



Construction Tips

I built AMT's A-20G back in 1995. Here are some of the observations I made at the time:

Fit was generally good. The wing spar was especially helpful in alignment. The cockpit is simple in parts breakdown but looks good when assembled and painted.

The nose section on the original AMT moulding was a poor fit. I completed the nose sub-assembly (parts 86,87 and 88) then added the nose to the assembled mid-fuselage. Lots of filler was needed for the join on both sides of the fuselage. The other problem is that this nose join is not on a "natural" panel line. I rescribed a number of panels after the nose was faired in.

In retrospect, I probably should have added each nose half to each fuselage half before assembling the fuselage. This would leave an easier to manage gap at the top and/or bottom seam.

Whatever sequence you use, don't forget to add plenty of weight in the nose for the tricycle undercarriage.

More filler was required at the lower wing root joint and around the engine nacelles. Fitting the bomb-bay doors was also challenging as there are few good locating points for this long, flexible part. Adding a few tabs of scrap styrene to the inside of the bomb-bay opening will provide a more secure bond for the bomb-bay doors.

Apart from these relatively minor wrinkles, the 1/48 scale A-20G Havoc was an enjoyable and relatively fast build.





I was delighted to see that Italeri has made the 1/48 scale A-20G Havoc available again. I do hope that we will also see the A-20B/C and the P-70 Night Fighter in Italeri boxes too.

Italeri's A-20G Havoc is an excellent addition to the line-up of 1/48 scale medium US bombers.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Italeri for the review sample.

Review Text Copyright 2004 by Brett Green
Page Created 20 August, 2004
Last updated 20 August, 2004

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