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A-36 / P-51 / P-51A
1/32 scale - Preview



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I was surprised and pleased to see test shots of the sprues from Hobbycraft's forthcoming A-36 Apache / P-51 / P-51A Mustang kits.

Please keep in mind that these are test shots which may change in detail and finish when the kits are actually released, however, first impressions are very favourable.



The quality of the parts is impressive. The plastic has a slightly satin texture, with fine, crisp and consistently engraved panel lines, vents and a few rivets here and there.

The parts have been broken down to permit all of the major Allison-powered Apache / Mustang variants to be modelled.

Hobbycraft has thankfully resisted the temptation of using a single set of wings for all variants. The Apache wing, with its distinctive "grate" dive flaps, is a completely different set of tooling to the P-51 wing. The slots for the dive brakes, along with the shell ejector holes in the bottom of the wing, are completely hollowed out. Wheel wells are quite deep with detail moulded in place. Flaps and ailerons are moulded onto the wing in the neutral position.



The mid/rear fuselage will be common to all variants but the nose is separate to accommodate the Apache/Mustang distinctions. Max from J.B. Wholesalers has already fitted some of the parts, including the nose to fuselage join, with good results.

At this stage I am not sure what sprues will be included with each release.

The cockpit seems quite respectably detailed, but I am sure that we will also have plenty of after-market options available following the kit's release.

The clear sprues include canopy parts include a Malcolm hood and a welcome option for an open framed canopy.



Other options include different tyres and wheel hubs, two styles of propeller blades, different varieties of seats, various intakes and a swag of ordnance including rocket tubes, drop tanks and bombs.



Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Thanks to Max Shaw from J.B. Wholesalers for permission to photograph the sprues.

Text and Images Copyright 2006 by Brett Green
Page Created 12 June, 2006
Last updated 12 June, 2006

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