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AMtech Announcement


AMtech models are available online from Squadron.com

AMtech Announcement


No, AMtech is NOT dead. But it was severely wounded in late July and early August.

Many of you have either met or talked to Tom and/or Alan. In late July Tom went into the hospital for some tests which resulted in some important surgery. While he was in the hospital recovering, Alan had an accident that first put him immobilized in bed for several days and eventually resulted (after a lot of details that won’t be recounted here) from Des Moines, IA to the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City, Iowa, for emergency spinal surgery.

Alan’s condition involved spinal stenosis and something called Cauda equina syndrome. For those of you who are still up on your Latin, loosely translated this means “horse’s ass syndrome.” We’re sure there are many who wonder why it took a team of neurosurgeons who didn’t even KNOW him to figure this out and give it a Latin name, but such is life.

Alan was under the knife for some seven hours, and when he came out of surgery he was paralyzed from the waist down. The incision took 42 staples to close and a portion of three of his vertebrae was removed. Rather than bore you with lots of details, after several weeks in recovery and what Alan charitably calls “Outpatient Storage”, he was transferred to a rehab facility where he spent about three weeks working on training his legs on how to walk again. He is now staying with relatives and in Outpatient Physical Therapy and can walk (with a walker), as much as 180ft now at one shot.

Tom is now back at work, and Alan is now set up to be able to receive and respond to e-mail via the AMtech mail system.

If you have written or called AMtech in August, September or early October, we apologize. Needless to say, a lot of projects have gotten set back since Alan was not in a position to make decisions about anything more than what side to sleep on. We are working to get things straightened out and back on track…including getting the 26MB newsletter out that has been sitting in Alan’s computer since late July…..

Thanks for your understanding. We’re working to get back on top of things.



AMtech models are available from good hobby shops and online retailers. For more information about AMtech future releases, please visit their website at http://www.amtechmodels.com

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Page Created 15 October, 2004
Last updated 15 October, 2004

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