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Fairey Barracuda Mk.II


Special Hobby

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: SH 48-21
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 79 parts in grey styrene; 11 in clear styrene; 23 parts in light grey-coloured resin. Decal sheet with three marking options. 10 pages of instructions
Price: GBP27.50 (in the European Union)
GBP23.40 (outside EU)
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: First injection moulded kit of the type in 1/48 scale; crisp engraved detail; nice quality clear parts; excellent resin details; appropriate use of multi-media (eg PE antennae etc.
Disadvantages: Three-part canopy limits options for displaying open; no ordnance.
Recommendation: Recommended for experienced modellers.


Reviewed by Brett Green




The 1/48 scale Special Hobby Fairey Barracuda is now available in the UK, just in time for the IPMS Nationals at Telford.

This is the first injection moulded release of this big torpedo bomber in 1/48 scale.

Special Hobby's 1/48 scale Barracuda Mk.II comprises 79 parts in grey styrene, 11 clear parts; 23 crisply cast resin pieces, a photo-etched fret and markings for three aircraft.



The plastic parts are well moulded. Panel lines are crisp and finely engraved, while the fabric rendering on control surfaces is particularly subtle - very nice indeed. Various lumps and scoops are moulded onto the forward fuselage too. I thought that the depiction of flying surfaces may have been a little too subtle. I'll probably rescribe the lines for the ailerons, rudder and elevators. I could only find one minor sink marks on exterior surfaces, but there are a large number of raised ejector pin marks on the inside surfaces of parts that might interfere with fit if they are not removed prior to assembly.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Multi-media parts are used to terrific effect. The three-crew cabin is beautifully detailed with resin and photo-etched parts. Surprisingly, the instrument panel is a single injection moulded plastic part, but it is well detailed too.



Wings are supplied in top and bottom halves for the port and starboard sides. Trailing edges are quite thin but they could probably benefit from some sanding. The wings are very substantial parts, and there are no slots or other locating aids. I strongly recommend reinforcing the wing join with a metal spar through the fuselage.

There will be no such problem with the horizontal tailplanes. They slot onto the front of the fin for a solid fit.

The undercarriage is cleverly engineered to ensure simple alignment of the complex-looking assembly. The centre section of the lower fuselage is moulded with the big fuselage undercarriage doors in place. The main gear legs are actually glued to the bottom of these doors.

The injection moulded canopy is quite clear and moulded in three parts. Unfortunately, the parts breakdown will still require some cutting if the pilot's canopy is to be displayed open. I assume the rear section could simply be left off.



Markings are supplied for three aircraft, all in Dark Slate Grey, Extra Dark Sea Grey and Sky. One of these options features Pacific markings with blue and white roundels.





Special Hobby's new 1/48 scale Barracuda Mk.II is an impressive and well detailed package.

As with all limited run kits, the high quality of the parts does not always suggest simple construction. However, with time allocated for preparation and plenty of test fitting, the Barracuda should prove to be a striking model.


Thanks to David at Hannants for the review sample

Review and Images Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
Page Created 20 November, 2003
Last updated 14 February, 2005

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