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Limited Edition


Eduard, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Eduard Kit No. 1126 - Yak-1b Limited Edition
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 90 parts in grey plastic; 14 parts in clear; colour photo-etched fret; masking sheet; markings for four aircraft.
Price: Sold out on Eduard's website. Available in limited numbers from retail outlets worldwide at around USD$39.95.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Based on the excellent Accurate Miniatures Yak-1b kit; very high level of detail supplied on plastic and photo-etched parts; plenty of ordnance options including drop tanks, rockets and skis (marked "not for use"); includes colour photo-etched parts for harness and instrument panel, and masks for wheels and canopies; very high quality plastic; narrow sprue attachments; simple construction; excellent instructions and packaging.
Disadvantages: Wrong canopy supplied in my sample.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

Eduard's 1/48 scale Yak-1b will be available online from Squadron.com



When they were released in the 1990s, Accurate Miniatures' 1/48 scale aircraft kits set new standards in quality and detail that are rarely matched even today. Their 1998 family of Yak-1 models was one of several bold subject choices, tackling important aircraft that had not been adequately depicted in plastic. In common with their other offerings of the time, Accurate Miniatures' Yak-1s boasted excellent attention detail, crisp mouldings, outstanding surface features and good fit.

What more could anyone ask for in a Yak-1?

How about colour photo-etch parts, canopy and wheel masks, plus five colourful new marking options?

Eduard from the Czech Republic, a first-class kit manufacturer in its own right, has added their own detail parts, masks and decals to a number of previously released kits over the years via its "Flashback" label and, more recently, in a Limited Edition series.

The latest Eduard Limited Edition kit contains the plastic from Accurate Miniatures' 1/48 scale Yak-1b, comprising 90 parts in grey coloured plastic and 14 parts in clear; combined with a large new colour photo-etched fret; masking sheet; and three decal sheets with markings for six aircraft..


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

The kit is state of the art in terms of quality of injection moulded parts, detail and markings.

Eduard's packaging is very modeller-friendly. Sprues are packed, singly or in pairs, in resealable bags with each pair of sprues interlocked to prevent scuffing.

The styrene sprues contain the familiar plastic parts from Accurate Miniatures' 1998 Yak-1b.

Surface detail is excellent. Panel lines are consistent and finely engraved. Subtly recessed rivets are also present in limited (but appropriate) locations. Please note that, for the close-up photographs on this page, I have turned the parts to reflect the light and highlight the rivets. When viewed under normal light they are very restrained.



Moulding quality has not suffered in the last decade, with beautifully crisp mouldings and only one minor sink mark on top of one aileron, a shallow sink line on the bottom of the other, and a few ejector pin circles on the inside of the undercarriage doors.

The rudder and elevators are fixed in the neutral position, but ailerons are supplied separately. I really like the fabric texture of the control surfaces.



The main undercarriage offers the choice of weighted (bulged and flattened) or unweighted tyres. Although not used in any of the marking options for this boxing, the full sprue containing skis is also included in this kit.

Ordnance options include rockets and drop tanks.

The kit is not overly complex, and includes plenty of perfectly aligned locating pins.

Clear parts should include the sliding canopy but my sample incorrectly contained the "razorback" canopy from the Yak-1. I will request a replacement from Eduard, whose customer service department has a well-earned reputation for prompt service. In the meantime, I have included a photo (below) from Eduard's website of the canopy parts that should be included in this kit.



The colour photo-etched fret adds gorgeous, intricate detail to the excellent plastic parts. This fret provides the harness, instrument panel and side consoles in full colour, plus supplementary metal detail parts for the cockpit and aircraft exterior. The instrument panel should look fantastic when assembled, incorporating all the tiny details of the dials and the characteristic coloured surrounds of the engine gauges.



Another nice touch is the inclusion of canopy and wheel masks in Eduard's new, thin flexible yellow masking material.

Instructions are supplied in an A-5 size 12 page loose leaf booklet. This is accompanied by six pages of full-colour marking guides, each with a four-view illustration.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Markings are provided for six colourful aircraft. Four are finished in the early-war VVS scheme of Green and Black over Light Blue, with one in whitewashed upper surfaces and a final example in a striking Light Grey and Light Blue combination with red tail surfaces and spinner. Decals look to be very thin and of high quality.





Accurate Miniatures' 1/48 scale Yak-1b is still a great kit. The addition of Eduard's colour photo-etch parts, masks and new decals take it to an even higher level.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a genuinely limited edition offering. Prior to receiving the review sample, I ordered one of these kits online on the first day of its release. I visited the website about a week later to check the progress of my order and was amazed to see that the kit had already sold out.

You will still have the chance to pick up one of these kits from retail outlets, but I suggest that if you want one, you pick it up when you see it!

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Eduard for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2006 by Brett Green
Page Created 26 December, 2006
Last updated 21 February, 2007

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