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Academy F/A-18C Hornet
Construction Review Part Five
Forward Fuselage
and Fuselage Assembly

by Dave Roof


Coming Together!


Academy's 1/32 scale F/A-18C Hornet may be ordered online from Squadron.com


Construction - Part Five


Here I will cover the assembly of the forward fuselage half and attach it to the aft fuselage section.


Forward Fuselage



Photo 1: This is a photo of the left side wall inside the cockpit. There is a fairly large ejector pin mark here. Instead of trying to fill and sand it smooth, I simply covered it with a piece of .005 plastic cut to shape. I painted the side walls Tamiya NATO Black, and gave them a drybrush of FS 36375.


Photo 2: Here is the cockpit and nose wheel well assembly placed inside the fuselage. Due to the locating pins, and the tight fit, no glue was needed here.


Photo 3: The forward fuselage section assembled. The upper nose section is a separate piece and fit perfectly.


Photo 4: The aircraft I'm depicting has the mesh gun gas vents, so I used the appropriate piece provided in the kit. Again, this part fit with no problems.


Photo 5: The F/A-18 is coming together! The two fuselage sections went together with no problem and only a little filler was needed.

I'll cover the rest of the fuselage components, as well as the main landing gear in the next installments.


Text and Images Copyright 2003 by Dave Roof
Page Created 08 April, 2003
Last updated 15 August, 2003

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