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Harrier GR Mk.7
'Royal Air Force'



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: PT36 / 07236
Scale: 1/48
Price: USD$29.97 available online from Squadron
Contents and Media Injection molded plastic
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Exterior changes made for the RAF versions
Disadvantages: Only 65% LERX included, inaccurate seat, color error.
Recommendation: Recommended


Hasegawa's 1/48 scale Harrier GR.Mk.7  is available online from Squadron

Reviewed by Dave Williams




Continuing their series of the new Harrier variants, Hasegawa's latest kit covers the RAF GR Mk. 7.

As expected, the kit shares a large number of common parts with their previous releases of the AV-8B variants. The new parts in this release include sprues “T” and “V”, which are connected together and at first glance appear to be one sprue. Sprue “T”, labeled “GR.5/GR.7 indicating that a Mk.5 will be a future release, contains the Aden cannon pods (which most references indicate they do not actually contain cannon), the added outrigger pylons, new outboard pylons, new wingtips, underfuselage flare/chaff dispenser, new tail cone, and a new lower rear section of the ventral fin with the RAF specific antenna arrangement. Sprue “V”, specific for the GR Mk. 7, contains the new nose, two BOL chaff rails, and the twin “prongs” for the Zeus ECM system as separate parts. Overall, the new parts look good, although in my kit the new sprue seemed to have a slightly rough finish and was very shiny compared to the sprues carried over from the previous releases.


The new sprues do a good job of covering the external differences for the GR Mk. 7. For the cockpit, new head and back cushions are provided to attempt to “convert” the US Stencel SJU-4 seat to the MB Mk.12 seat used in the GR Mk. 7. However, the MB seat has a number of other differences such as retractable pitot tubes on the sides and a different shape to the front edge of the knee guards. Hasegawa’s seat “conversion” doesn’t really come off too well and they probably should have just molded a new seat for this kit.

GR Mk.7s can be seen either with the original 65% (or 70%, depending on the reference), or larger 100% Leading Edge Root Extension (LERX).Single seat RAF second-generation Harriers were built in two forms, the ZDxxx numbered GR Mk. 5/5A, and the ZGxxx numbered GR Mk. 7. All of the Mk. 5/5As, and the first few Mk. 7s were built with the 65% LERX. GR Mk.7s numbered ZG506 and later came from the factory with the 100% LERX. Confusing the situation is that many GR Mk 5/5As were converted to GR Mk. 7s, but retained the 65% LERX after upgrading. The 100% LERX is to be eventually fitted to all of the GR Mk 7s, but this is a drawn out process and a photograph is the only way to be sure which LERX an aircraft with a serial number in the ZD range, or lower than ZG506, is fitted with. This kit only contains the 65% LERX from the “Desert Harrier” kit, which is probably correct for the decal options in the kit. If you want to do a bird with the 100% LERX, you’ll have to wait for Hasegawa to release it, or rob the LERX from the AV-8B “Night Attack” or “Plus” boxings.

Decals are provided for two converted GR Mk.5s, both in two-tone grey.



The first is ZD378 / 26 from No. 20 Squadron with special tail markings for the 2001 Air Show season. The second is ZD322 / 03 from No. 3 Squadron, with tail art to mark the squadron’s 90th anniversary. The instructions list the colors as Dark Sea Gray BS318C:638 and Medium Sea Gray BS318C:637, but this is in error as the underside color should be Dark Camouflage Grey BS318C:629. Interestingly, the decal sheet contains representation of flare/chaff dispensers, but they are not mentioned on the decal placement instructions, and there is no place to use them anyway, so they should be ignored.





Overall, this is a good kit that is recommended for fans of RAF Harriers.

One item of aftermarket for consideration to improve the kit might be a new, correct Mk. 12 ejection seat, currently available from Aeroclub. Also, AMRAAM Line makes some update sets which might help arm your GR Mk. 7. Set 48-003 includes two CPU-123 1000lb LGBs and two BOL rails (handy for Operation Telic birds as commonly four were carried). Set 48-004 has a TILAD pod; although you’ll have to come up with the adapter pylon on your own. The pylon is available as a part in the GR Mk.7 conversion for the Monogram kit, but not currently available separately. Hopefully AMRAAM will reissue the TILAD pod with the pylon, or make the pylon available separately.

For decals, the Model Alliance sheets (MA-48102 for the GR Mk.7 and, MA-48109 and 48110 for Operation Telic jets) are the way to go.


Sample kit courtesy of my ever dwindling bank account.

Dave Williams
IPMS/USA 19050

Review Copyright © 2004 by Dave Williams
Page Created 17 September, 2004
Last updated 17 September, 2004

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