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Seafire Mk.IIc

High Planes Models, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: 7264 - Seafire Mk.IIc 880 and 885 Sqn F.A.A
Scale: 1/72
Contents and Media: See body text
Price: AUD$25.00 available online from High Planes Models' website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent decals; Clear vacuum formed canopy; Crisp surface detail; Faultless resin details
Disadvantages: No locating pins or tabs; ragged flash and large sprue connectors; instruction sheet could be improved; no cockpit sidewall detail
Recommendation: Highly recommended for modellers experienced with multi media kits.

Reviewed by Mick Evans

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On opening the box we are presented with the typical light blue, limited run injection moulded plastic that has become the hallmark of High Planes Models.

The parts are attached by the usual heavy sprue gates and have a small amount of flash on all the parts.



As with all High Planes kits it is necessary to remove all of the flash off every part and clean up all the mating surfaces before assembly. Spend the time in preparation and you will be rewarded in the finished product. The photographs of the injection moulded parts show the parts after ten minutes of cleanup with a sharp knife and a flexi file.

Having built many of the High Planes kits over the years I have been impressed by the constant improvement in the detail and moulding. The detail in this kit is nothing short of superb. Every panel line is crisply replicated and every piece of raised surface detail is present. Having only recently completed the Seafire MkIIIc kit I can vouch for the fit of this kit with only a small amount of filler required. The finished result was superb.

The catapult spools and the A frame arrestor hook are accurately represented. Adequate cockpit detail is provided but no sidewall detail has been added. There is a cockpit floor, instrument panel and seat moulded in styrene, and a very detailed control column, and rear bulkhead in resin. Many other parts are included and these have been inherited from the High Planes Seafire III moulds and are not used in this kit.

The exhaust stacks, main U/C legs, tail wheel, main wheels, cannons, spinner, propeller blades, horizontal stabilisers, carburettor intake, pitot probe, radio mast, and mirror are all provided in finely cast resin. The U/C legs are a work of art in that the scissors links have all of the cut outs moulded in and the heavier oleo legs fitted to the Seafire are evident.

A slipper type of fuel tank is provided moulded in plastic. The wings are moulded correctly as a C type wing with the larger style cannon bulges and the outboard short cannon stub covers. I am advised that these should form the basis of a Spitfire MKVc shortly. The moulded on carburettor intake is required to be removed and the resin moulded intake fitted instead.

Two canopies moulded by Falcon have been provided and these are crystal clear.

Decals are provided for three aircraft:

The first is for MB182 an Extra Dk Sea Grey/Dk Slate Grey/Sky from No 885 Sqn on HMS Formidable in 1943. The next is MB113 in the Extra Dk Sea Grey/Dk Slate Grey/Sky colours from 884 Sqn aboard HMS Formidable during operation Torch were the aircraft received US markings for the operation.
The last is for MB183 an Extra Dk Sea Grey/Dk Slate Grey/Sky from No 880 Sqn on HMS Argus during operation Torch. This aircraft had a pale blue panel lower nose panel fitted possibly from a Spitfire V painted in azure blue.



The decals are crisp, accurate in colour and in register. They are printed by Wessex Transfers.
The kit falls almost perfectly onto the Warpaint plans that I have, being only about 0.5mm long in the nose (but this could be my plans). The only error in detail is the tail light on the LH fuselage rudder is one frame too low, and this is highlighted in the instructions.

When I compared the detail to the 1/72 Ventura, Hasegawa, Heller, Airfix, Tamiya, KP and Octopus kits, I found that this kit is by far the best on surface detail and resin parts with the only exception being the Octopus kit which has better cockpit detail and a separate arrester hook. The purists would probably add some extra cockpit detail or replace with a resin set. My other critical comments would be on the construction instructions which are sufficient for modellers familiar with limited run kits but are a bit light on for the average modeller.

The High Planes Seafires are probably the best detailed and most accurate Seafire/Spitfire kits that I have seen in 1/72 scale. I hope that High Planes will follow up with more Seafire/Spitfire kits!

Highly recommended for modellers experienced with multi media kits.

Thanks to High Planes Models for the review sample.

Review and Images Copyright 2006 by Mick Evans
Page Created 30 March, 2006
Last updated 30 March, 2006

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