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Tornado IDS

Italeri, 1/48 scale


S u m m a r y

Item No. Italeri No 2648 - Tornado IDS
Contents and Media: 146 part in grey injection moulded plastic; 10 clear parts; markings for five aircraft
Scale 1/48
Price: around £10.64 (available online from Hannants) and model retailers worldwide
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent decals; clear transparencies; good surface detail; five colour scheme options; good instruction sheet detail
Disadvantages: Some inaccurate details
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Mick Evans

Italeri's 1/48 scale Tornado IDS will be available online from Squadron.com




The 1/48 scale Italeri Tornado IDS makes a welcome return. This is a nicely detailed kit with a beautiful set of decals depicting the 90 Anniversary of the Marineflieger.  

There are 146 light grey injection moulded plastic parts and 10 clear parts in the kit, and a large decal sheet covering 5 different schemes.

When this kit was first released many years ago it had some nice detail and Italeri's moulds are holding their age well, the detail is crisply moulded.  The surface detail is engraved and still quite good by today’s standard. 


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On the down side there are a few accuracy problems and sparse detail but there are some nice resin detail sets to make this a great model when complete.  I do not have accurate scale plans of the Tornado so I cannot make too many comments on the accuracy of the dimensions.

A reasonably detailed cockpit interior is provided, which can be easily replaced by the extensively detailed Neomega cockpit detail set.  The Ejection seats lack accurate detail and really need to be replaced by accurate Martin Baker MK 10 ejection seats which of course are supplied in the Neomega set.  The wheel wells contain the main structure detail but lack the finer details of hydraulic piping and electrical cables.  The Speed brake bays are very inaccurate and lack the depth of the real aircraft.  One of my pet hates the wings come as movable swing wings with provision being made for the wing pylons to be pivoting which sets the kit up for some fit and accuracy problems.  If the wings are displayed in the open position a gaping hole is visibled where the inflatable fuselage seals are positioned.  There are a few detail sets produced by Paragon to enhance and correct some of the deficiencies.  The first is an accurate ECS intake to replace the inaccurate one in the leading edge of the fin.  The second is a lowered flap set and this incorporates a resin section to fill the inflatable seal area.  Next is an engine nozzle replacement which includes the thrust reverser bucket mechanism.  Wing pylons and the Boz 107 and Skyshadow pods make up the remainder of the parts.

The transparencies are moulded crystal clear with the miniature detonating cord being moulded as raised detail in the main canopy.

The fit of the Tornado kit presents no major problems, but from my recent build of this kit experience tells me that some filler was required on the fuselage seams and nose areas.

Options are provided for a deployed refuel probe, open or closed canopy and open or closed cockpit canopy.

Two of the smaller style of underwing drop tank is provided in the kit and these are the type used by the Luftwaffe and Marineflieger.  Four standard iron bombs are included as well as two each of the Boz107 and Sky Shadow pods.  Finally 2 sidewinder missiles are provided to be attached to the inner wing pylons.

Decals are provided for five aircraft as follows:

  • Tornado IDS of the RAF based at Tabuk air base Saudi Arabia in January 1991.  This aircraft was finished in overall Desert pink with a Snoopy air lines on the port side of the nose and a vivacious Helen on the starboard side of the nose.

  • Tornado IDS of the RAF based at Muharraq air base Saudi Arabia in February 1991.  This aircraft was finished in overall Desert pink with a shark mouth just under the nose and a scantily dressed lady riding a laser guided bomb.

  • Tornado IDS of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana based at Al Dafra (Abu Dhabi) in January 1991.  This aircraft was finished in overall Desert pink upper surfaces and an unmentioned light grey lower surfaces.

  • Tornado IDS of the Luftwaffe, JaBo G 37 based at Memmington in 1991.  This aircraft was finished in a wraparound scheme of RAL 6003 Olive Green, RAL 7021 Black-Grey approx FS 34079 Dark Green.

  • Tornado IDS of the Marineflieger MFG 2 Anniversary aircraft in 2003.  This aircraft was finished in white under surface and a very striking overall flame scheme of red and yellow.  A large MFG2 squadron emblem is embellished on either side of the tail fine and on the under side of the fuselage.  The dates 1958 to 2003 are embellished on the undersides of the wing surfaces in very large letters.  This is a very striking and attractive scheme..

The decals are crisp, accurate in colour and in register.  My previous experience with Italeri decals is they have been a bit stiff and have not conformed well to the surface detail, but these look very good.

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Recommended for all modellers of average skill and experience.

Thanks to Italeri for the review sample

Review Copyright © 2006 by Mick Evans
This Page Created on 18 August, 2006
Last updated 17 August, 2006

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