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Heinkel He 177 A-5 Greif

MPM, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: MPM kit no. 48058 - Heinkel He 177 A-5 Greif
Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: Approx 320 parts in grey injection moulded plastic; 19 clear injection moulded parts; 4 parts in yellow resin, markings for two aircraft.
Price: USD$89.98 available online from Squadron.com
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Important and impressive subject; crisp consistent surface detail (recessed panel lines); nicely detailed cockpit and engine; thin trailing edges; no sink marks in visible locations; excellent thin and distortion free clear parts; separate control surfaces; high quality decals; genuine "WOW" factor
Disadvantages: Harnesses and wing bomb racks not supplied
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Brett Green

 MPM's 1/48 scale Heinkel He 177 A-5 Greif is available online from Squadron.com



MPM has released their big 1/48 scale Heinkel He 177 A-5 Greif. It has been worth the wait.

MPM's Greif comprises around 320 parts in grey injection moulded plastic - surely the biggest parts count for an MPM plastic kit to date - 19 clear injection moulded parts; 4 parts in yellow resin and markings for two aircraft.

Surface features are crisp and consistently recessed panel lines with raised structural details where appropriate.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

The big ejector pins that often plague the inner surfaces of limited-run kits are rare, and none will interfere with fit or be visible when the kit is assembled.

Despite its large size and parts count, the kit is conventionally broken down into fuselage halves, four wing halves and horizontal tailplanes. All control surfaces aee supplied as separate parts, so these may be positioned to taste.

There is almost no flash to clean up, and there are no sink marks or other imperfections anywhere on the visible exterior surfaces of the model. Trailing edges of the wings and tailplanes are sharp.

However, as good as the moulding is, there are no locating pins so extra time and care will be required to align the parts - especially the fuselage halves - perfectly. The wings do have large locating tabs and the tailplanes, likewise, have small tabs that will slot into the fuselage, so that side of construction will be straightforward.

Detail of the kit is very good. The cockpit is especially nice. Unlike most MPM and Special Hobby releases of late, there is no resin or photo etch, but this does not detract from the ambitious detailing of the basic cockpit structures. However, no harnesses are supplied, so you will have to either make or buy your own.



The clear parts are very thin and totally free of distortion - very important for such a prominent glasshouse canopy.

The four resin parts are destined for the exhausts and defensive armament.

Markings are supplied for two aircraft:

  • He 177 A-5 of 6./KG 100 Toulouse-Blangnac 1944

  • He 177 A-5 of 5./KG 100 1944



The decals are clear, crisply printed and in perfect register.

Neither bomb-bay detail nor wing-mounted bomb racks are supplied with the kit, but a bomb-bay detail set is available separately from CMK.





This big Heinkel He 177 is MPM's most ambitious release to date.

There is more use made of conventional injection moulded parts, but this does not detract from the overall level of detail. Careful planning has obviously gone into the location of ejector pins. The outline and detail accuracy looks good too.

The lack of locating pins and the nature of the manufacturing process means that more care will be required to build this kit than, say, one of Tamiya's offerings. Some previous experience will certainly be helpful.

Even so, MPM's Greif is a big, well detailed package that will look very impressive when finished.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to MPM/Special Hobby for the review sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2006 by Brett Green
Page Created 09 August, 2006
Last updated 08 August, 2006

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