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MPM Preview
Selected Forthcoming Releases

December, January, February

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The MPM group of companies includes MPM itself, Special Hobby, Azur, CMK, HML and several other brands.

MPM has announced the following forthcoming kits due for release during October:

Special Hobby #SH48055 1/48
Polikarpov I-152 "with RS-82 Rockets"

The Polikarpov I-152 was developed from the I-15 fighter. The wing was redesigned and repositioned, now straight instead of gull-winged and supported clear of the fuselage by struts to improve the view of the pilot. Also the engine was given a new cowling. The performance remained the same as the I-15 but the pilot’s view was greatly enhanced. The I-152 aircraft fought in the Spanish Civil War, the Sino-Japanese Conflict, over Chalkin Gol and during conflicts with Finland. The final chapter was their participation during the Second World War. As they were obsolescent, they were used as close air support aircraft. For this role they were equipped with bombs or the greatly-feared RS-82 rockets.

The kit contains three sprues of grey plastic. The complemented parts are from resin, photo-etch and white metal. The photo-etched set contains interior details, engine front and weapons’ details. The resin set contains interior parts and carried weapons – four RS-82 rockets. The landing gear struts made from white metal are intended for aircraft without the wheel spats.

Decals offer a selection of seven aircraft, three Soviet machines, three captured in Finnish markings and the last one is Chinese.

Special Hobby #SH72059 1/72
DH.103 Sea Hornet NF Mk.21 "Navy All Weather Fighter"

The very elegant twin-engined, single seat DH.103 Hornet was adopted as a fighter by the RAF at the very end of the Second World War. Also, the Royal Navy expressed an interest in this aircraft, with appropriate modification for aircraft carrier duty. Besides the single seat version, the Royal Navy also ordered a two-man, radar equipped version.

This version was designated the Sea Hornet NF Mk.21 and was destined for all weather and night fighter duty. These Sea Hornets served both from aircraft carriers and land bases until 1955.

The kit is short run type produced within the Special Hobby line. It contains three sprues of grey plastic. It is also complemented with resin and photo-etched parts, which allow enhancing of cockpits, undercarriage bays and exterior of the kit. The complement parts are considerably expanded compared to older kits. The canopy is injected. Decals offer three machines of the Royal Navy.

MPM #72536 1/72
US Attack Bomber A-33/Norwegian DB8A-5/ Iraqi DB8A-4

Once acquired by the Douglas Company the original Northrop’s double seat close support aircraft design was modified. For export, it was offered under the designation of DB 8 (Douglas Bomber 8) utilizing more powerful engines from several producers. The Norwegian and Iraqi air forces had ordered a version powered by the Wright R-1820 engine. Eventually the Norwegian machines were not sent to Norway as the Germans had invaded the country, but they served at the Norwegian training base of  “Little Norway” in Canada. Later on, some of these machines had been assigned to the US Army and designated A-33 and finally, in 1943 they were bought by Peru. The Iraqi machines served until the German-supported rebellion against the British presence broke out. Apparently, all the machines were lost during the rebellion, destroyed by the RAF.

This high quality injected kit with excellent details comes from a metal mould. The canopy and dorsal gunner’s position are injected. The kit is supplemented with resin and photo-etched parts.

Decals offer Norwegian, US Army and Iraqi machines.


Special Hobby #SH72065 1/72
Piaggio P.108A

Special Hobby #SH72090 1/72
Focke Wulf Fw 58B Weihe "Gunner´s Trainer Version"

Special Hobby #SH72098 1/72
Reggiane Re 2000 III. Serie

Special Hobby #SH72111 1/72
Sikorsky S-43

Special Hobby #SH48020 1/48
Focke Achgelis FA 223E-0 Drache

Special Hobby #SH32006 1/32
Morane Saulnier N


Thanks to MPM/CMK for the Preview information and images

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