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MPM Preview
Selected Forthcoming Releases

January & February 2006

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The MPM group of companies includes MPM itself, Special Hobby, Azur, CMK, HML and several other brands.

MPM has announced the following forthcoming kits due for release during January, 2006:

Special Hobby

#SH72065 1/72
Piaggio P.108A Artigliere "With 102/40 Anti-ship Cannon"

Originally designed as a long range bomber aircraft Piaggio P.108B was converted into heavy anti-shipping attack plane by mounting 102 mm cannon into shortened nose. The aircraft was test flown by the Royal Italian Air Force (Reggia Aeronautica) and after armistice captured by Germans an eventually flown to Rechlin airbase for further tests. The kit contains four sprues of grey plastic, injected canopies and small parts made from resin. Decals offer to build prototype aircraft either in Italian or German marking.

#SH72098 1/72
Reggiane Re 2000 III. serie

Lacking the long range fighter aircraft Royal Italian Air Force (Regia Aeronautica) had ordered small batch of converted Re 2000 (originally export version). The designation was III.series or Grande Autonomia (Long Range). These fighter aircraft participated in fights over southern Italy and Sicily. The kit contains two sprues with plastic parts, highly detailed resin and photo-etched parts. Optional is injected and vacuum formed canopy. Itīs up to modelersīto choose the particular one. Decals offer three Royal Italian Air Force machines.

Special Hobby #SH72111 1/72
JRS-1 "US Flying Boat"

Sikorsky S-43 flying boat was very successful civilian airliner type. Thanks to its good characteristic was used by military forces, too. It purchased and was used by Army, Navy and Marines. U.S. Navy designated its machines JRS-1. The kit contains three sprues with plastic parts, one sprue with clear plastic parts, resin and photo-etched parts. Decals offer very interesting selection of aircraft to build. Anyone of the three machines from VJ-1 can be chosen, one of which was sent to seek the Japanese fleet after the Pearl Harbor attack. The machines are in colorful pre-war finish. Further the decals offer one camouflaged U.S. Navy machine and personal machine of Madame Chan Kai-Shek, wearing Chinese insignia.


Special Hobby #SH72090 1/72
Focke Wulf Fw 58B Weihe "Gunnerīs Trainer Version"

Special Hobby #SH48020 1/48
Focke Achgelis FA 223E-0 Drache

Special Hobby #SH32006 1/32
Morane Saulnier N

MPM #72538 1/72
Vickers Wellington Mk.I/Mk.VIII "Over Ocean"

Special Hobby #SH32006 1/32
Morane Saulnier N


Thanks to MPM/CMK for the Preview information and images

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Last updated 18 January, 2006

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