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MPM Preview
Planet, CMK, Azur
New & Forthcoming Releases

for November & December 2004


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The MPM group of companies includes MPM itself, Special Hobby, Azur, CMK, HML and several other brands.

MPM has announced the following new and forthcoming releases:


Planet Models

1/72 all-resin kit
PLT 119  Focke Wulf Fw 190D-13/R-11


One of the last version of Luftwaffe´s excellent fighter. The all-resin model contains decals for one
colouring variant, reinforced undercarriage legs and vacu canopy.
1/48 all-resin kit
# PLT 137   Baker McMillen Cadet II


American glider from interwar period. Built were 35 pieces. First glider commanded in USA by a woman. One piece is still flying, it is the oldest original flying glider in the world. The all-resin model is complemented by decals for silver and red colouring.
1/48 All-resin kit
# PLT 138   Goppingen Go 3 Minimoa


In the 1930s the German glider belonged to world´s peak. One of the best and most expanded was Go 3 Minimoa. Besides Germany it was flying in England, France, USA. Some of them are still flying. The all-resin model contains decals for two colourings.



1/48 Complementary detail set
4142    Hawk - interior set


Set contains photo-etched parts, new cockpit, seats, vacu-formed canopy.
For Airfix kit
1/48 Complementary detail set
4143   Hawk undercarriage set


Set contains new undercarriage bay and covers, new wheels.
For  Airfix kit.
1/72 Complementary detail set
7054   Ju 87G  interior set


Set contains  photo-etched parts, new cockpit, seats, vacu-formed canopy.
For Academy kit
1/72  Complementary detail set
7055   Ju 87G - engine set


Set contains photo-etched parts, new engine and corrected parts for new engine cowling, exhausts, nacelles
For  Academy kit
1/72  Navy series detail set
# 7101   OV-10D - undercarriage set


Set contains photo-etched parts, new engine and corrected parts for new engine cowling, exhausts, nacelles ...
For Academy kit
1/35  Resin figures
# F35120  British tankers modern
Set contains 2, 1/2 .British tankers modern figures.

1/35  Resin figures
# F35137   Israeli IDF tankers
Set contains 2, 1/2 fig. Israeli IDF tankers



Special Hobby and Azur

Special Hobby #SH48031      1/48
Spad VII.C1  "Czechoslovak, Russian and Belgian Marking"


This kit contains marking and decals (two sheets) for a postwar aircraft of the Czechoslovak air force and two wartime machines of the Belgian and Russian air force. Both machines were used by the well known aces Charles Ciselet and Kozakov. The kit involves detailed PUR interior parts and photo-etched parts.
Special Hobby #SH72080         1/72
Hawker Sea Hawk FB Mk.3/FGA Mk.50 with AIM 9 "HI-TECH"


The high-tech version of the Sea Hawk model offers in decals the British version from the action in Suez
and the version of the Dutch Navy with AIM 9 rockets. The kit contains a quite new interior, underslang
armament-bombs and additional tanks for the British and AIM 9 for the Dutch version. According to photos
produced is a tank damadged in combat, with which the British machine returned from action. Hi-tech parts
are in high quality manufactured from PUR and photo-etched accessories.
Azur #A035   1/72
Potez 63-11 "French, Free French and Rumanian Marking"


The reconnaissance Potez 63-11 machines were thrown in by the French air-force to take part in heavy fighting in 1940. To assert againts Bf 109 planes was however not easy. After defeat of France the Potez 63-11 ended in the air forces of Luftwaffe, Vichy France, Free France, Italy, Rumania and Hungary. The kit of this attractive aircraft is laid out into two frames of grey plastic, the crew´s canopies are injected. The interior and further small parts are in high quality cast from PUR. The marking and decals are for four machines - French, Rumanian and Free French. The last one was flying with British symbols.


December Releases

Special Hobby #SH48019    1/48
Nardi F.N.305 Luftwaffe and Royal Hungarian AF 

Special Hobby #SH48030  1/48
Sikorsky R-4/Hoverfly Mk.I with Float


Special Hobby #SH72079    1/72
Regianne Re 2000 "I.serie in service of Regia Aeronautica"

Thanks to MPM/CMK for the Preview information and images

Text and Images Copyright © 2004 by Brett Green
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Last updated 19 November, 2004

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