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Special Hobby / MPM Preview

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Special Hobby / MPM September Releases

Special Hobby #SH48069 1/48 Fairey Barracuda Mk.5

In the latter part of WW2, the British Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm took into service the Barracuda Mk.II naval bomber. The bombers’ capabilities were limited, due to inadequate engine performance. Therefore, Fairey designed an upgraded version with the more powerful Rolls Royce Griffon engine and new wings. This version, designated the Mk.5, came into service after the end of WW2 and it was produced only in limited numbers.



The kit consists of some plastic parts from our older SH48027 Barracuda Mk.II. But it also contains new injected wings, nose sections and tail planes. Also new are some resin parts, of which the kit contains a huge amount! Also the photo-etched fret is large. As a result, the kit deserves its Hi-Tech designation! Decals are provided for two machines. The first one is finished in aluminum overall, the second one has camouflage applied.

MPM #72514 1/72 AFJA/SAAB B-5 „Swedish Dive Bomber“

Before the start of WW2, Sweden bought licenses from the USA for the production of the Douglas DB-8 (A-17) bomber aircraft. The Swedish production version vas highly modified. The chosen power plant was the Bristol Pegasus. Other differences included a different undercarriage, pilot’s canopy hood and other details. The aircraft served throughout the whole war as the neutral state’s aircraft never participated in combat.



The Hi-Tech version kit consists of two sprues with plastic parts and a huge load of resin parts. Further the kit contains injected canopy, vacform canopy and colored photo-etched parts. The kit offers all three undercarriage versions, wheeled with or without aerodynamic spats and ski landing gear. Decals offer a choice of three machines, winter and standard camouflage and a natural metal finish machine.

Special Hobby #SH72120 1/72 F-86H Sabre Hog „USAF Marking“

This was the last version of the Sabre day fighter and the most powerful version of the Sabre ever built. It featured a deepened fuselage for the new power plant and increased internal fuel capacity and wings of greater span. The assigned role was not only as a fighter but also as a tactical nuclear bomber. It was introduced into service after the end of the Korean War and it served until the F-100s were introduced into service in the mid-1950s. In National Guard units it served well into the 1960s.



The kit consists of two sprues with plastic parts and photo-etched parts. Decals offer three very colorful USAF machines.

October Releases

MPM #72534 1/72 Gloster Meteor FR.Mk9

Fighter reconnaissance version of famous British post war fighter. The kit comes from the metal mold of high quality.

MPM #72529 1/72 Focke Wulf Fw-189 Night Fighter

Special Hobby #SH72112 1/72 C-60 Lodestar

Special Hobby #SH72131 1/72 Brewster model 339B/E Buffalo Mk.I

Special Navy #SN72005 1/72 U-boot VIID Conversion

Conversion set for the most famous German submarine to repesent it as minelayer for Revell 1/72 kit.

Azur #A051 1/48 Loire 130M

Azur #A066 1/72 Martin Maryland „In FAFL service“

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Thanks to MPM/CMK for the Preview information and images

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