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MPM Preview - BEST CHOICE 1/48
JAS 39C Gripen


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MPM has announced a new series of kits, with the following information about their Premiere release:

MPM Production arranged new line of plastic kits in limited edition named BEST CHOICE.

Plastic kits, which will be released in this edition, will be supplied with lot of resin and photo-etched parts, scale drawings and very interesting detail photos. This is limited edition of only 999 pieces.

Further, this edition is destined for the top skill modelers and its goal is to offer all essential parts in one box without a need of buying additional complementary sets or reference materials. The superior

edition´s attractiveness is further enhanced by numbered certificatef and the fact that only 999 pieces of these kits will ever exist.


The first kit in this edition to be released is

JAS 39C Gripen Czech Air Force in 1/48 scale.


The only one kit of this version in this scale on the market.

The assembly kit contains:


-  Italeri´s plastic parts

-  CMK´s resin parts for cockpit, undercarriage

   bays, antennas´masts, wheels, engine´s

   exhaust, airbrakes, pylons

-  Conversion parts for JAS 39C Gripen Czech

   Air Force

-  Landing and landing lights made from

  clear resin

-  Vacuum formed canopy

-  Colored photo-etched parts for cockpit,

   gun sight, ejection handles, warning straps

-  Hobby Manual – color reference photos of

   the real aircraft (4 pages, A4 size)

-  Huge decal sheet containing stencils and

   and formation lights

-  Design drawing of JAS 39C Czech Air Force

   in 1/48 scale

-  Camouflage profiles in color for 10 machines

   including stencil placement

-  Color assembly instructions´sheet




This kit is intended for experienced modelers, who handle work with photo-etched and resin parts. This kit is not in any case intended for beginners or less experienced modelers. The kit,

considering the superior complementary accessories, is offered for a very favorable price


Thanks to MPM/CMK for the Preview information and images

Text and Images Copyright © 2005 by Brett Green
Page Created 08 July, 2005
Last updated 09 December, 2005

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