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Nuremberg Toy Fair 2006

Forthcoming Releases Update

by Martin Waligorski
IPMS Sweden


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Nuremberg 2006 Release Update

The annual toy fair Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, Germany is in full swing this weekend, and we already have a solid stream of news from the show. It started on 2nd February and will run until Tuesday February 7th. As usual, Spielwarenmesse provides an unique overview of current trends and where the industry is today.
Here are a few highlights from the plastic modelling area.
Trumpeter is going as strong as during recent years. As the only company in the World, Trumpeter revolutionized 1/24 aircraft kit market, and is seemingly determined to exploit it even further. This year will bring additional and very welcome WW2 fighter types in this scale. How about a Focke Wulf 190A-6/A-8, Hawker Hurricane Mk. I and P-51B/C Mustang all in one year?
In 1/32, Trumpeter is working on Bae / McDonnell Douglas A-8B Harrier, new Curtiss P-40s (P-40M and P-40N) and a North American 100D Super Sabre.
In 1/48 Trumpeter still promises to release a Vickers Wellington Mk. III - although we have heard it for three years now....
There will also be numerous armour releases from Trumpeter during the year, se my previous post at IPMS Stockholm's Scale News blog (http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/news/article.asp?data=9296562897_~d_20060203_101823_~t_Trumpeter_news_in_armour_~a_Martin_Waligorski.xml). A quick summary is that Trumpeter slows down in the 1/35 armour area, but focuses on 1/72 scale to compete head-on with <b>Dragon</b>.
The latter company has been showing sprues for their new 1/72 Panzer IV Ausf. D
Also Revell remains active in the Braille armour segment, with 1/72 Faun SLT 50-3 Elefant mit Sattelanhänger and T-72M1 tank on their news list.
Hasegawa announced two new 1/48 aircraft kits: Bell P-400 Airacobra and TF-104 Starfighter. In 1/72, twin-engine aircraft seem to be the order of the day; Hasegawa will issue a Junkers Ju 88A.
MPM/Special Hobby invest big in 1/48 scale. MPM's release programme for the year includes Breda 88, Fairey Fulmar, Fokker D XXI, Gloster Gladiator and a huge Heinkel He 177.
Special Hobby tops MPM's list with quarter-scale Bristol Beaufort, Fairey Albacore, Fairey Battle, Fiat BR. 20, Fiat G.55, Focke-Achgelis Fa 233, Grumman S2F Tracker and Ilyushin Il-10.
MPM's and Eduard's joint effort, 1/48 Avia B-534 will also appear this year. Other new aircraft kits on the Eduard list include Fokker E.III and E.V as well as a series of Polikarpov I-16, all in 1/48.
How about Tamiya? This company seems to continue its policy of keeping new kit releases to bare minimum, at the same time choosing the subjects very carefully and maintaining the highest standards. This year's only new aircraft kit from Tamiya will be 1/48 Heinkel He-162 Salamander.
Academy has been showing a new 1/48 helicopter, CH-53E Super Sea Stallion. This kit is production-ready and should appear any time now.
In armour, Academy has been showing sprues for 1/35 M3 Lee medium tank.
Another seemingly production-ready kit is Airfix 1/72 TSR.2
Moving on to Italeri, there will be a charming and unexpected new 1/35 vehicle from this company in the form of Camionetta AS 42 Sahariana. New for Italeri is that the kit will contain also resin and photoetched parts.
In aircraft, Italeri will release new 1/72 C-130J Hercules II, Fiat CR.42 Falco and Lockheed Hudson Mk.III/IV/V. There is also a Vickers Wellington Mk. X from scheduled for this year, but rumors go apart if this will be a new mould or a variant of MPMs or old Matchbox offering.

ICM will do a Studebaker US 6 truck in 1/35 scale. This company has also impressive plans in 1/72 scale, including a series of Dorniers Do 17/215, Henschel Hs 123A, Kawasaki Ki 10 and Nakajima Ki 27.

Heller's sole new kit for this year will be 1/72 Eurocopter EC-145 in civilian livery.
Summarizing, it would seem that 2006 will be a very good year in terms of interesting new kits.
All image links in this article go to IPMS Deutschland's site. Also, IPMS Deutschland has assembled a comprehensive list of Spielwarenmesse news, which can be accessed here:
All Nuremberg images by IPMS Deutschland can be found here:

Thanks to IPMS Stockholm. Click here to visit their site

Text Copyright 2004 by Martin Waligorski
Page Created 06 February, 2004
Last updated 06 February, 2006

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