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Roden WWI Aircraft
New Release Previews


Roden's 1/48 scale Bristol F.2B
Roden's 1/48 scale RAF SE5a
Roden's 1/48 scale Fokker D.VII (OAW early) and
Roden's 1/72 scale Junkers D.I
 models are now available online from Squadron.com

Roden Announcements


RODEN's four latest WWI aircraft models just arrived at HyperScale. These kits are already winging their way to Robbie Baumgartner for his usual detailed review, but in the meantime here is the box art and some initial impressions for the four releases.



Three of the kits - the Bristol F.2B, the RAF S.E.5a and the Junkers D.I - are the first all-new tool kits in what are likely to be whole families of these aircraft types.

First impressions are very favourable. The 1/48 scaleF.2B and S.E.5a kits are beautifully detailed, and both include an impressive range of interesting markings.



The 1/72 scale Junkers is Roden's simplest kit yet, and looks like an ideal candidate for the WWI novice. You won't even need to apply lozenge decals! The crisp yet subtle corrugations on the kit part must be seen to be appreciated.



The 1/48 scale Fokker D.VII (OAW early) continues to mirror the variants and markings in their equivalent 1/72 scale range. Another very nice offering!

All four kits are now available from Squadron.

Thanks to RODEN for the review samples.

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