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Savioa-Marchetti S.79 Torpedo Version

Classic Airframes

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Kit No. 462
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: Low-pressure injection plastic - 67 grey styrene and clear parts for canopy and fuselage windows. 100 parts in pale cream-colored resin. Etched metal. Instructions, decal sheet and painting guide for 6 aircraft.
Price: USD$65.00
Review Type: QuickLook
Advantages: All the parts necessary to do a torpedo bomber and the Series II and “Bis” models.
Disadvantages: Small resin parts damaged in transit.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for moderate to experienced modelers.


Reviewed by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman

Classic Airframes' 1/48 Savoia-Marchetti S.79 Torpedo Version
is available online from Squadron.com




Last Spring Classic Airframes released the long awaited S.79 bomber; immediately the call went out … ”Will and when would CA release the torpedo bomber version?”. Well the wait is over. Not only has CA issued the torpedo bomber version (which was applicable to every version of the S.79) , but CA has also included the parts necessary to do the Series II and Bis versions of this famous aircraft. The basic contents of the kit have not changed (See http://www.kitreview.com/reviews/sm79previewjv_1.htm )

Please note that the pictures in this review are only of those parts which were not in the original kit.



To make the torpedo bomber, the kit includes an injection molded torpedo and fins, resin brackets and hoist housings and etched metal for the torpedo propellers and fuse spinner. For the Series II, the change is in the style of exhaust, and CA has provided these in resin with nice depth of detail. For the Bis, the changes were the deletion of the gondola, different propeller hubs, “Welling style” exhausts and different defensive armament, and CA has provided all the parts necessary to accomplish the transformation.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

The “Wellington Style” exhausts are nicely done and the small “fins” are well represented. For the defensive armament you will need to open up a well marked window in the side of the fuselage. There is an etched metal set that provides the armored window inserts (with great surface texture) for both sides. Finally, CA has provided the larger machine guns with flash suppressors that were used on the Bis. Finally, the kit has a new set of instructions to walk you through the Series Ii and Bis changes.

It should be noted that there a couple of hybrid aircraft that that can be made from this kit; these were Series II retrofitted with Bis engines.

There is a beautifully done decal sheet with making for six aircraft, all of which are believed to have carried torpedoes. But for those aircraft that had the white background to the national markings on the wings, you will need to paint the white. Personally I’m looking forward to doing one of the all green Bis models with the large ANR postage stamp national markings.





As the S. 79 was one of the best torpedo bombers used in WW-2, this release by CA is without a doubt welcomed by many modelers. The biggest problem with this kit, as far as I can see, is the problem of making a decision as to which aircraft to do. The S. 79 was a bird of many different plumages. As with all CA kits, this is not for an inexperience modeler; but with a little patience and care, even an average modeler will be rewarded with a beautiful model.

One modeling note: All of the fuselage windows are labeled as C-1. But if you look closely, you will see that two are actually a bit larger. These should be used in the bottom of the fuselage.

Review sample provided courtesy of Classic Airframes.

Review and Images Copyright © 2003 by Steven Eisenman
Page Created 06 April, 2003
Last updated 09 November, 2003

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