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German Aircraft Power Supply Unit & Kettenkraftrad


Tamiya, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Tamiya Kit No.32533 - German Aircraft Power Supply Unit & Kettenkraftrad
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: See text and images below
Price: 1200 yen
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Very well detailed; classic Tamiya surface detail; includes extras such as figures, tool box, a fire extinguisher and decals.
Disadvantages: Somewhat bland poses for figures
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by James Davies

Tamiya's 1/48 scale German Aircraft Power Supply Unit and Kettenkraftrad
will be vailable online from Squadron.com




German aircraft power supply unit and kettenkraftrad. Tamiya kit no MM No.33. item no 32533 1200 yen.

Now here is something I have been waiting for since making a mess of building Verlinden’s multi media starter and refuelling kit many years ago at the start of my adult modelling career.

The external power starter or Anlasswagen was used to conserve the aircrafts internal battery while starting or testing instruments or weapons.

The unit consisted of a 2 stoke engine driving a power generator feeding the units own onboard batteries. The power supply is built up from 25 parts and includes the units control box which is clearly visible if you choose to pose the hood of the generator in the open position.

Dare I say what many other reviewers have said about Tamiya’s legendary excellence, but the kits are exactly what you would expect from this quality manufacturer.

You get 2 sprues of Tamiya’s grey styrene. The first sprue carries the Kettenkraftrad, [another one to add to my collection] with the second sprue containing two blackmen figures in rather sedate poses operating the unit, 2 large German style 200 litre fuel drums, hand fuel pump, decals, a nice 3 part tool box, a fire extinguisher, parts for Anlasswagen as well as a length of black plastic coated wire to represent the electrical cable running from the unit to the aircraft.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

There is good detail on the side of the Anlasswagen but the handles used for pulling the unit into place are moulded in place and could be replaced with wire to add a little detail.

Now I have a stack of reference for everything that’s German and flew during WW11 but I am lacking in reference for German ground equipment of the period. Rumour has it that classic publications has canned the 2 volumes they had planned on the subject so my drought will continue. So dimensionally the unit looks correct with the pipe metal frame being well rendered in plastic, something the previous offering from Verlinden didn’t manage to represent as it uses etched brass for the frame.

The wheels supplied are the solid early type but a quick check of my airfield pictures show the Anlasswagen with spoked wheels and even snow ski’s on the Eastern front or on Winter airfields.

A nice touch is the fuel drum decals and the fire extinguisher which along with the Anlasswagen will liven up any German airfield diorama or vignette.



I would have liked the blackmen to be a lot more animated in there posses, perhaps with them signalling to one another to start the unit but I’m not complaining as any new well sculpted 1/48 figure are a welcome addition to the spares box.

Now please Mr Tamiya may I respectfully ask for an Opel Blitz or Mercedes truck in this scale. The uses would be endless. The possible variations and reboxing possibilities would be almost without limit, and fill in a sadly neglected part of the new 1/48 range.

Now that would open up the diorama possibilities, say a recovered Tamiya 109 E on the back of a Tamiya Opel blitz, please I cant wait...

Highly Recommended.

Purchased with reviewers funds

Review Text Copyright © 2006 by James Davies
Page Created 24 July, 2006
Last updated 24 July, 2006

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