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Aviation T-Shirts
& Sweatshirts


CAM Decals

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Not Known
Scale: 1/1 scale extra large T-Shirt (possibly larger when stretched)
Contents and Media: Each 1 x XL size cotton T-Shirt with printed logos on front and rear. Various styles
Price: T-Shirts USD$15 from CAM Decals website
Sweatshirts USD$30 from CAM Decals website
Review Type: FirstWear
Advantages: Socially acceptable covering of torso; no sink marks or ejector pin holes; convenient locating holes for head and arms; conforms to published T-Shirt references - it looks like a T-Shirt; no assembly required; good timing for Christmas
Disadvantages: Probably won't make you irresistible to women
Recommendation: Recommended


Previewed by Brett Green

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CAM Decals has launched a new collection of T-Shirts with an aviation theme. 15 different aircraft or units will be covered, and the shirts will retail for USD$15.00 each.

Two shirts were sent to me for review - one commemorating VF-84 during its 1965 cruise with F-4B Phantoms, and one with artwork for VS-35 Blue Wolves and their S-3 Vikings. Both shirts feature a small logo on the chest, with larger artwork on the back.

Other available art is displayed below:



Sizes start at S and go to 2XL for the larger gentleman. Somebody guessed my size as XL, and they got it right. The shirt fits well and feels comfortable.



Addendum - I have had these shirts for a few months now and wear them regularly. They are holding their shape and colour well - arguably better than I am myself.

CAM has now added a range of sweatshirts to their clothing range. The table below indicates all the colour combinations possible, and the thumbnails at the bottom of the page show each of the designs, front and back.




Thanks to CAM Decals for the review samples

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

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 Images Copyright 2003 by Charlotte Geen
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Last updated 20 February, 2004

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