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Vega Model 5 Floatplane



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: 72528 - Lockheed Vega Model 5 Floatplane
Scale: 1/72
Contents and Media: 52 parts in grey styrene and  11 parts in clear injection molded for canopy and windows. Instructions and decal sheet for one aircraft.
Price: USD$20.97 on line from Squadron.com
Review Type: QuickLook
Advantages: A fine rendering of the Vega Model 5 with cleanly molded parts and good clear parts.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman

MPM's 1/72 scale Lockheed Vega Model 5 Floatplane
may be ordered online from Squadron 




The Lockheed Vega is one of the best known aircraft aviation history.  The Vega was flown by many of the record setting pilots in the 1930s, including Wiley Post in his “Winnie Mae” and Amelia Earhart, among others.  It was also used in a number of roles other than record setter. 

The newest addition to MPM’s “Vega Family” is the float version of the Vega Model 5.  It represent a Vega modified to carry six passenger and adapted for float operation for Alaska Coastal Airlines.  This particular aircraft became the longest flying Vega on floats when it crashed in 1958. 

I do not normally build 1/72 scale, but this model looks particularly delightful to build.  It includes a rudimentary interior and very nicely done floats.  The floats have finely and well engraved detail  They are molded as a top and bottom, thereby apparently reducing the problem of cleaning up seams.   


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

It was difficult to measure the dimensions of the fuselage, but it seemed quite close in length, and the main wing appeared to be spot on.  On first look, my only reservation is the heaviness of the window frames on the fuselage. 

The most difficult part of building this model will be to match the orange of the decals.  The FS number is quite close to the orange of the decal, when compared to my FS fan deck.  I have only one question about the markings for Alaska Coastal Airlines.  The box art shows the markings to be in yellow, but I was unable to fid a reference photo to determine whether the box art or the decal is correct. 





I recommend the MPM Vega on floats as a great addition to any 1/72 prop fan’s collection.   This one will be quite colorful in its blue and orange (yellow?) markings.  I just wish MPM would kick this up to 1/48 scale; it would be a great non-military model for my collection.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to MPM for the review sample.

MPM kits are available worldwide through hobby retailers worldwide

Review and Images Copyright © 2004 by Steven Eisenman
Page Created 07 September, 2004
Last updated 08 September, 2004

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